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Isolation and Support Resources

• EDLounge was initially designed to prevent 34 students from being permanently excluded from one school over a term in our pilot year in 2008. It worked and it is now a powerful resource for your pupils to continue learning when working in an inclusion unit or for those that have been excluded.
• Work completed can be tracked and monitored to see the pupil's progress and data can be presented in the form of printable reports.
• The EDLounge platform has proved successful in improving behaviour, minimising issues that may occur when a pupil returns to the mainstream classroom.

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Specific and Relevent Content

• There are over 10,000+ lessons within EDLounge for core, foundation, academic and vocational subjects alongside life, personal and social skills topics.
• Learning is supported by a range of puzzles and quizzes that are designed to develop and test knowledge in a fun and engaging way.
• With EDLounge, you can create a positive, inclusive learning environment for your pupils and our learning resource will help you meet the academic needs of all your students.

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Supporting Disengaged Students

• Improve disengaged students' knowledge and understanding within a range of subjects in a relaxed and enjoyable environment through interactive learning approaches.
• With engaging, interactive content we put all the fun back into learning
• By focusing on students on an individual basis, we can tailor-make and personalise learning to meet their specific needs.

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Personalised Learning Plans

• Students follow extensive learning pathways and programmes within EDLounge which, due to the ease of its set up, can work very easily with other provisions that are in place. Content can also be quickly and easily added to your own school's subject database.
• We are able to support students who are engaged in an alternative curriculum customised to their individual needs. They can access content 24/7 from anywhere, so it gives the young people a way of learning using digital technology in an environment where they are at ease.
• Students can work independently through a bank of learning content which can replace or support in-school learning thus providing a unique package regardless of environment, facilities or budget.

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Behaviour Repair Work

• We have created numerous lessons and behaviour repair work sessions for your students to follow when they have behaved innappropriately.
• The behaviour lessons have been assembled so that they address Ofsteds requirements for behaviour work and enable a start for your behaviour repair work.
• All our lessons have scenarios, tasks and questions to challenge the students learning and understanding of the severity of each behavioural aspect.

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Tracking and Reporting

• This enables teaching staff to track, monitor and view graphical data of student's progress in English, Maths and Science and other subjects.
• You can keep track of working time by each learning individual throughout the day, as well as lessons completed, and even better this work is marked and the student is given feedback by our teachers easing the workload on your teachers.
• Work completed can be tracked and monitored to see the pupil's progress and data can be presented in the form of printable reports.

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Progress Back into Mainstream

• Enable easy progress back into mainstream education for all learners through raising attainment
• Improve confidence and abilities in subjects and topics which create positive outcomes and destinations
• Over come barriers to learning to get back on track through our supportive mechanisms

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Engage, Include and Inspire

• Engage every learner with structured lessons that are matched to ability
• Include by addressing curriculum relevant content
• Continuing learning in other supportive Centres
• Inspire by getting the students to improve behaviours towards learning




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